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Classic Car

If you’ve tried to insure your classic or collector car, you probably have encountered some difficulties insuring it to what you believe the vehicle is worth.  Whether you own one classic car or an entire collection, are restoring a vehicle, travel with your classic car, collect autombilia or own valuable spare parts or tools, Poway General Insurance Agency can help you obtain the coverage your classic car deserves.  Conventional insurance companies don’t specialize in the subtleties of value, care, and use of classic cars.  We offer a “guaranteed value” option which is determined between you and the insurance company when you insure your classic car.  Each classic car is underwritten by an underwriting specialist who is trained in the classic car industry and vehicle valuations.  Poway General Insurance offers coverage that gets you the full value of your vehicle as agreed to in the policy if you suffer a covered total loss.  You will be pleased at how affordable it is to obtain a California classic car insurance policy through Poway General Insurance Agency. Classic Car Policy Coverage highlights:


 • Guaranteed Value Coverage- A policy that guarantees your car’s value, with no depreciation

 • Valuation Expertise- To help you get the right coverage for your California classic car

 • Choose the repair facility of your choice

 • On-staff claims adjusters trained in classic car auto repair

 • Coverage for travel, transport, spare parts and more- everything a California classic car owner needs


Poway General Insurance Agency thinks it is smarter to deliver value and service that go far beyond the basics because classic cars deserve special attention and so do the people who own them!


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